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Karamveer Swaras

Karamveer swaras targets the cure of specific diseases/deficviency and are recommended by ayurvedic doctors. Nutritious juices by Karamveer Swaras if consumed daily boost up the immunity and prevent diseases.

Amla Sweets

Procured from the natural farms of Pratapgarh, our Amla Products are remarkable for their freshness. Besides, all our products are produced under hygienic conditions which further guarantee the exceptional purity of these products.

Other Karamveer Products

There are other variety of herbal products by Karmaveer Ayurveda. Get the best redefining ayurvedic treatments to your home.

Why Choose Us?

Karamveer Ayurveda strongly believes in providing best and pure quality products to the customers. We have strict standards of quality to ensure that every drop of our products reaches our customer is pure and has gone through strict quality measures. All our products being natural, colour and taste might slightly vary without affecting their composition. Our products give detailed information about their ingredients.
Our Products are 100% Sugar-free, no added sugar to meet any color/taste. Quality and Purity is our biggest commitment to the customer.
Our Products uses matured herbs of top most quality so that the product are of supreme quality. manufacturing units are GMP certified which has standard for manfucaturing and packaging. Our product intake the utilization of modern technology and scientific analytical and testing system which facilitates us in producing the stringent quality products, to ensure that the goodness of Ayurveda reaches to customer in purest form.
Our Products are 100% herbal and natural. No water addition in our product is our commitment to the customer. Karamveer Ayurveda ensures the manufacturing unit uses best quality raw material thereby producing best quality Finished product. Our products being natural might vary in color and taste without impacting its composition.

Featured Products

Karela Jamun Swaras

Karela Jamun Swaras is an Ayurvedic decoction containing the medicinal values of both these ingredients. Packed with nutritional substances and do not possess high caloric value.

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Amla Juice

Pure Amla Juice

Amla Swaras keeps check on blood pressure, diabetes, cough, cold, constipation, osteoporosis, pre-mature greying of hairs, Eye sight and cardiac problems. It increases immunity.

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Wheat Grass Giloye Stem Swaras

Wheat Grass Giloye Stem Swaras

Combination of three juices Wheat grass, Giloye and Amla juice forms Maharas,a life saving system that diffuses all body toxin.

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Aloevera gel juice

Aloevera Gel Juice

Alovera helps to control obesity, indigestion, joint pains, constipation, dysentery. Dermatologists have proved its counter effect even on Arsenic poisioning.

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